Sunday Stills Challenge – Fins, Feathers & Fur

Well I didn’t know whether I’d be able to join everyone this weekend since my computer crashed last week, but I was lucky to be able to catch a few shots, and I was able to find a couple of shots I took that were in my husband’s archieves (I tooks the pictures) that I could use. I learned a really hard lesson this past week… backup your pictures!! I can’t explain the terrible feeling of losing all my family photographs. 😦
Here are my challenge pics for this weekend.
Misc. 206
Koi at the Flamingo in Las Vegas
Misc. 203

Misc. 208
Ibis and Flamingos at the Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas
Misc. 228
And, finally my fur selections. Can anyone tell us the difference between fur and hair?
I hope you all are having as beautiful a weekend as we are. I’m planting tulip bulbs today. 🙂


23 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Fins, Feathers & Fur”

  1. Well done, love the lost goat..:-))

  2. Sorry to hear about the loss of your pics…that would be heartbreaking.
    I like the speckled fish! Nice shots.

  3. Lovely shots. Aren’t those flamingo’s cute! So elegant. I don’t really know the difference between hair and fur. I call all animal hair fur 😉
    Have a nice sunday!

  4. Love your pics. I looked in the dictionary and wasn’t really that satisfied but here is what I got. The fine ,soft ,hairy coat of the skin of a mammal. I have always thought animal hair was fur, after reading this definition I still do.

  5. These are excellent photos. Flamingos always look graceful. Now you got me going with that hair and fur thing.
    I always back up by photos in an external drive. When my laptop crashed twice and before it was fixed by my neighbor, we were able to save or back up the contents of my hard drive.

  6. Oh, I noticed the time on my post is 4:35 pm. If you are EST, the time would have been 11:35 a.m. because it is 8:30 am California time.

  7. I have just bought a stack of CDs which I was told was the best place to store my photos. The temptation to just leave them sitting there in my pictures is too easy!

    Your koi came out beautifully clear. I tried that at first for this, but could not get the reflection to to cooperate.

  8. Your selections are all great! The goat is cute, but the fish photo is lovely.

    The whole fur/hair debate is too confusing. Noone seems to know for sure. Everyone has their opinion. But then just wait if you’re a handspinner or own wool animals. Then you can debate about whether it’s fur, wool, fleece, fiber, hair, etc……oh heck! Just spin into yarn already! lol!


  9. Love ’em! Your header is gorgeous, too.

  10. Ugh. I am so sorry to hear about your computer problems. I have double back ups on external hard drives, but am not super religious about staying current :-/.

    Good recovery on this week’s challenge though. Fun shots!

  11. Oh dear. Computer crashes and lost photos are terribly sad. I’ve had my losses too but have since tried to be more careful and upload them to an online gallery as well as have them on an external hard drive (but that can crash too) so I have them on my laptop AND my desk computer AND online except when I get busy and forget to upload them. I have used CD/DVD storage in the past and then have those fail or become damage or whatever. ANYWAY…I love your photos! The Koi very nice and the flamingos beautiful and your fur or hairy animals precious. Hair or fur. Maybe it’s decided by whom it is on or how much there is?? I have hair on my head while my cats are furry. LOL

  12. I have mine on Picasa and also a thumb drive. I would be completely devastated as I am sure you are. Love the pics you did have, though. I have always though that fur refers to animals and hair to humans. 🙂

  13. awww loosing everything stored on a computer is painful 😦 i feel for you!
    i’m sorry you lost all your photos, i can imagine how upset you are

    i backup all my important files on to a portable harddrive, that i store inside my fireproof safe – yes i’m a safety girl

    these photos are lovely i love the flamingo photos!!

  14. I love the feathers. I need to back my pictures up again….thanks for the reminder 😉

  15. Nicely done! The goat is perfect.

    Been there, done that, felt that feeling of the priceless, irreplaceable photos of loved ones, of times gone past, etc…..all gone. Thankfully, though, I was able to recover mine — and I hope you will too!!

  16. The Chinesee like kois or Japanese carp. It used to be illegal in New Zealand, but some idiots smuggled them in.

  17. Nice job on the challenge! The fish are so colorful. Sorry to hear about the lost photos…I really need to back mine up too. Thanks for the reminder.

  18. So sorry to hear about your lost photos! I keep mine backed up to CD-ROM and also a Western Digital HD, although that it almost full and I am needing another. If I didn’t bank 4 hours away I might actually take out a safe deposit box and put the photo CDs in there.

    The koi are lovely! That’s a cute billy, too.

  19. Great pictures. I’ve lost mine twice now because of computer crash’s.

  20. great capture on the koi..and the kitty too! Fur and hair..quite a debate..I always think of fur as being know the undercoat, and longer guard hairs all making up FUR. Hair just being one part of fur..who really knows for sure:)

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