And, What happened to that Chinese cabbage……

Well friends I thought you might like to see what happened to that beautiful Chinese cabbage that I posted on Wordless Wednesday. After stripping all the huge outer leaves it looked exactly like the Napa cabbage you get in the grocery store! Hurray. Needless to say this was our first attempt at growing these beauties. She got chopped, rinsed and drained, and then this is what I did……
Misc. - Nov.'09 019
She became Stir-fried chinese cabbage with garlic and ginger, and some nice jumbo shrimp thrown in for color and taste. This turned out to be a very yummy dinner I must say. 🙂


6 Responses to “And, What happened to that Chinese cabbage……”

  1. YUMMMMMM!!!!!! But since its green…;-))

  2. It looks terrific! Love those shrimp!

  3. WOW, that looks really yummy…. what time does the dinner bell ring at your place?

  4. I love your plates, too… can I ask where you got them?

  5. Lovely AND yummy, Di. Bet it tastes better than the Napa cabbage in the grocery store.

  6. next time, you may like to try tying the leaves with an old pantyi hose. The wrapping it makes the inside white instead of green.

    I used to grow a lot. This was how my old market gardener friend told me.

    Another way to cook them is to blanch the perfect leaves and then use it as a wrap to make cabbage rolls.

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