Sunday Stills – The Letter ‘C’

Well, let’s ‘C’ what I come up with this week. 🙂
Cades Cove Cabin
Cades Cove Cabin - Nov.'05
Clock Tower
Clock Tower
Covered Bridge
Covered Bridge over Tellico River
Chalk Art
Chalk Art
Cabbage – From our garden.
Misc. 003
and last but not least….Cloth
Ed, I did good, only two were from my archieves. :):)
Ya’all have a good week.


21 Responses to “Sunday Stills – The Letter ‘C’”

  1. Very cool, love your choices..:-)

  2. Wow- this gigantic cabbage!!!!!
    Great ‘C’ selection and beautiful shots (archive or not;-)))

  3. Amazing! I love all of them and they are so sharp and crisp. That is some cabbage…I am green with envy.

  4. I love that cabin, and the cabbage with legs made me laugh.

  5. Creative! That has a C too 🙂

  6. Wow, who is behind that huge cabbage? The cabin shot is just beautiful with its beautiful colors?

    Ms Diane, I can only do a straight stitch but those patterns and colors are a good choice for a quilt.

    I enjoyed your C’s!

  7. Great choices for this challenge. I love the cabin and the covered bridge…very lovely.

  8. Wow! That chalk one was intense! Nice!
    And what do you use your fabrics for? Do you quilt?
    I want to go explore that cabin. That cabbage is huge! It ate someone’s head!


    Great job!


  9. Great ‘C’ollection Di! That cabbage is Huge 😀

  10. The cabin is so lovely. That cabbage is awesome! I can always count on you for the best veggie shots!

  11. OH MY GOODNESS, I LOVE that chalk art one! WOW, very impressive! 🙂
    Happy Sunday!

  12. These are all great! The Crayola and chalk art made me laugh, as did the giant walking cabbage! Now I need to check the clock to see if I can cross that bridge to the cabin with a quilt to rest.

  13. is cabin photo is very surreal, awesome photos
    i like the crayons 🙂

  14. that is one HUGE cabbage… haha
    oh my, i miss crayons, thanks for the nostalgia 😉

  15. These are great! Nice subjects and well shot. That cabbage is amazing!

  16. …and did the cabbage walk itself into your house? 🙂
    I love the cabin…I bet it smells good inside!

  17. How many persons did you giant cabbage feed?

    What did you feed it with to grow to such an enormous size?

  18. Wonderful “c” photos but the cabbage is awesome–the photo AND the size of it! Amazing. Love the covered bridge and the crayons too. And the cabin. Oh I love them all. 🙂

  19. Great shots…love the cabin!

  20. A walking Cabbage..I love it! Great collection of C’s:)

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