Sunday Stills – Mechanical Transportation

Well Ed has given us all another interestion challenge this week. Mechanical Transportation with two or more pasengers…otherwise, something that requires liquid fuel and has a place to sit for two or more people. I actually had to go out and look for subjects because we mostly get tractors around here, and they are seem to be one seaters, none of those big fancy cab-over tractors here in the backhills. 🙂 Lots of trucks and cars, but I wanted to look for something a little different, so here are my selections for this week.
Misc. 070
Misc. 069
Misc. 066
Since we live in a motorcycer’s paradise we see lots of differents types, but this one caught my eye. It is a custom made bike made from a motorcycle and a chopped Chevy Cavalier! It was really neat. Needless to say, these folks were getting lots of attention. They were visiting the Cherohala Skyway from Florida.
Copy of Misc. 003
Blacksmith's truck
Copy of Misc. 069
A few old trucks…
Misc. 001
An old retired schoolbus.
Misc. 075
An old limo..wonder if it’s ever been to the prom?
Misc. 071
Local fire truck ready for action.
Well, I hope you all are having a super nice Fall weekend. It is cooling off here in E. Tennessee and the leaves are beginning to change color. Can’t wait to see what Ed has instore for next week. 🙂


16 Responses to “Sunday Stills – Mechanical Transportation”

  1. a very good, varying selection of photos 🙂

  2. Great shots. You covered just about every type of vehicle. That custom bike looks awesome!

  3. great selection, the yellow trike is an interesting mix..:-)

  4. Wow, every aspect is well represented. I think I want to try that yellow motorcyle, and check if I can still balance.
    We are getting a 10 degree cooler weather, here, and I would love to see your foliage.

  5. I just love the older worn out trucks…too cool.

  6. I laughed at the golf cart as your first choice!
    But the yellow bike and the old limo are also “a bit different”!

  7. Cool array of pictures! I like the old trucks; very cute 😛 :).

  8. Great collection Di! Old truck & fire truck are my favorites 😀

  9. These are all great! You’ve really been out and about finding some terrific subjects. That black and yellow truck is very unique! Yes, I’m curious, too, what the stories are that these cars could tell (I bet some of them might make even me blush! lol!)


  10. Great Variety of shots!!

  11. As always, you’ve covered the subject well! Don’t think I’ve seen any other golf carts. But it’s the old trucks I love!

  12. You’ve run the gambit on this one!! Well done! My fav is the old rusty green pick ‘um up truck…very cool!

  13. A great collection,,,your eally dug them up! My favourite is that loner and goner…with the broken window…don’t knawwhat they were called!

  14. You did a great job finding pics for this week’s challenge!

  15. Rhonda Stansberry Says:

    I also love the old trucks/cars in you pics. Very nice collection here!

  16. A fantastic selection of characterful vehicles and the way you have layed them out makes them look like collectors’ cards.

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