Macro Monday

Here are some shots of critters that invaded our garden this year. The yellow fellas made lacework of my string bean plants, and the little worm was having his meal on my tomatillos. Enjoy.

Misc. 037
Bean munchers
Tomatillo Muncher
I know Ed will enjoy these little critters. :):)

12 Responses to “Macro Monday”

  1. VERY,VERY COOL!!!!!! I bet the yellow fellas are Japanese Beetle larve…:-)

  2. Aww! Awesome! 🙂

  3. What on earth are these? Japanese beetle larvae lilke Ed says? Great! I’ve never seen them…they are actually sort of cute

  4. Good photos! Gave me the willies though, I am so not a bug person.

  5. Glad we don’t have any of those dang things…very strange looking too…but they sure make a nice macro photo!!

  6. looks like the little worm did poops on your plant 🙂
    haha i love it!

  7. Ugh – great shots, but probably not what you want to see in your garden.

  8. Eeeeekkk! Your photos are so great that now my skin is crawling! Awesome macros!


  9. Yikes! Those fuzzy yellow guys are interesting but not welcome visitors I’m sure!

  10. Yuck, Diane. Great shots.

  11. Great shots but gives me the willies too.

  12. You are buggy! Great shots! 🙂

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