Sunday Stills Challenge – Clouds

Well here we are with another one of Ed’s cool challenges. I took a lot more pictures than I’ll post today. I think I found some interesting ones to share.
Misc. 008
A front moving in from the East.
Misc. 024
Sun peaking through the ominus clouds.
Misc. 015
I thought these looked like waves on an ocean.
Misc. 015
A thunderhead
Misc. 003
And, last but not least, a cloud came down and sat on our mountain.
Copy of Misc. 001
I hope everyone is having a super weekend. We are off to another steaming hot day in Chattanooga doing the Market. Chuck had a good day yesterday at the Knoxville Farmer’s Market. One day I’ll do a post showing some of the Market shots. 🙂 I’ll check everyone ones entries this evening when we get back home. 🙂


21 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Clouds”

  1. Di, They are awesome! love the ominus Clouds! 😀

  2. Your thunderhead reminds me so much of Maxfield Parrish!

  3. Regular Guy Says:

    I like the second shot the best. Must be the deep blue, those “wave” shots look nice too. Very good job.

  4. prrrrretty photos
    i really like the 2nd photo, it’s very deep blue & the contrast is stunning

  5. Love the misty look of the last one.

  6. the second shot is beautiful…the stark white and clear blue

  7. Nice shots – love the cloud that sat on you 🙂

  8. I love the wavy ones….great shots.

  9. They are all really good; I like the wave clouds, and I agree with the comment that the thunderhead looks like a Maxfield Parrish painting.

  10. The second and third shots are WOW photos! My faves!
    And the last one is mysterious and moody. Well done. So pretty!


  11. Every shot is gorgeous! I love the “ocean waves”!

  12. Yes, the ocean waves clouds are very interesting! Great selection!

  13. Oh! Very pretty! I like the ocean wave ones! And the sun peeking thru.

  14. Love the ‘ocean waves’. Maybe because they are rarer? Or change so quickly?

  15. I love the “waves” too – those are spectacular and unusual.

  16. Great shots we too have had some great clouds all summer with lots of rain too. So wonderful after two years of no rain.

  17. These are truly great shots. I agree with the others, the second one beats them all.

  18. Very cool! LOVE the wavy clouds..:-)

  19. Exactly…the ocean…I thought that before you said it. Very nice photos for the challenge!

  20. All great pics! I think I like the “waves” the best.

  21. Beautiful shots. We’re “socked in” this morning. It’s our wet season down here. On the coast we get rain from the Gulf in the morning and then again when the sea breezes from the Atlantic have crossed the state and push the Gulf sea breeze back here in the evening. We are no longer in a drought.

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