Macro Monday

Yesterday at the Chattanooga Market I saw these little cuties and had to buy a bag full. They are wonderful in stir-fry recipes. 🙂
Misc. 036
Misc. 039
Mini bell peppers, mini mushroom bell peppers, and striped turban eggplant. YUM!!


14 Responses to “Macro Monday”

  1. Very nice..:-)

  2. Nicely done! They aretruly wonderful in stir-fry recipes! 😀 Di, Have you ever tried dragon chciken!?

  3. I have always wondered what those little striped things were, thought they were gourds….love the pic.

  4. Stunning! It’s a Fiesta in a bowl!


  5. That is the first time I have ever seen a striped turban eggplant. Love this feast of colors.

  6. Beautiful, they look so pretty it is almost a shame to eat them!

  7. Nice amendment to the pics, the look great!!!

  8. nice photos dianne! x

  9. Do the turban egg plant taste like the ordinary ones? They certainly would look a very colourful dish.

  10. Oh they look too good to eat! What beautiful colors…

  11. my goodness.. they look like art on a plate!!!

  12. Beautiful colors! I’ve never heard of a striped turban eggplant. You’ll need to share a recipe!

  13. The striped turban eggplant is something I have never seen before..It looks interesting! Great colors..:) Connie

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