Sunday Stills – Fences

I’m up early as we will be on the road Sunday at the crack of dawn headed to Chattanooga to do the Sunday Market, selling hubbies wood turnings. It is supposed to be a rainy day, but luckily this Market is under a pavillion, and folks still come. Lots of artists there, and a large Farmer’s Market which is a big draw. Hopefull this will be a fruitful day for us. 🙂 Here are my fences Ed. 🙂
Misc. 042
Copy of Misc. 045
Misc. 041
Misc. 043
Misc. 046
Misc. 052
Copy of Copy of 100_0440
Thanks Ed for another fun challenge. 🙂


20 Responses to “Sunday Stills – Fences”

  1. Very nice! looks like a few I’ve seen… 🙂

  2. Carroll Baker Says:

    Fantastic shots~ I love the one with the zig-zag railroad ties… Very cool!

  3. di the white picket fence is my fav 🙂 i’ve always wanted a little cottage house, with a white picket fence since i was a little girl hehe
    also misc.046 is an interesting shot i like!

    awesome work x

  4. While I should be partial to the white picket fence, I really love the split rails!

  5. Ooh! These are all great choices and captures. I love the last one. So historic. Great job!


  6. the zig zag fence is so low, what is it intended to keep out of? Rabbits? LOL.

    The last one, when my parents used firewood to cook their meals, we used to arrange our timber like your fence.

  7. Cool Shots Di! I love the zig-zag fence and the last one! 😀

  8. Very interesting collection of fences. Never realised before there are so many different kinds. Especially love the last one. Very pretty.

  9. Isn’t it amazing how many different forms a fence can take!

    (I want to live in that cabin!)

  10. These are a great collection of interesting fences. You really DID put some time in this week. Paid off – very nice!

  11. Great pics! You certainly put a lot of thought into it. Please post your hubby’s website so we can see the latest. He does fantastic work! Good luck at the market!

  12. Great series of fences! I really like the zig zag shot too! Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

  13. The last one is great; we call that a Thompson fence- not sure why!

  14. These are great..I like the white picket fence and that cabin is really cool-

  15. There are not enough split rail fences around anymore! I really like that low railroad ties one – double duty as seating, or for exercising on!

  16. Great selection! I like the two zig zag one’s best. One looks to be a contemporary take on the old version…Lovely!

  17. Lots of great pics! What is it about a white picket fence?

  18. Love the pictures! Chattanooga! I grew up just north of there and moved a couple years ago. Sometimes I really miss it! Your pictures remind me of home!

  19. Very, very cool shots, Diane. I love the zig zags.

  20. Like the log cabin and the split rail fence. Nice job.

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