Sunday Stills – Toys

I hope you all are having a super weekend. Hubby and I have been busy showing his wood turnings at the Grainger County Tomato Festival in Rutledge, Tn. We are on our way back up there for todays show, and what we hear, rain! But, I had to take a few minutes to do today’s post. I Didn’t want to disappoint Ed. :):)
Misc. 016
Misc. 014
Misc. 012
And, we couldn’t forget Maggie Mae’s toys. 🙂
Misc. 017
I’m looking forward to next week’s challenge. Bring it on Ed. 🙂


15 Responses to “Sunday Stills – Toys”

  1. i REALLY adore that dragon teddy in the first photograph dianne
    cute cute cute
    hope your day went well at the festival

  2. Very nice, great selections, especially the Dragon Beanie Baby…:-)

  3. Of course you couldn’t forget Maggie Mae!! The basket of pistols is really neat.

  4. Love the wooden pistols. Really neat.

  5. Maggie Mae’s toys – very cute!

  6. So many toys! And here I thought you might sneak in a picture of Ed playing with his toys when he was younger 🙂

  7. love that dragon…how awesome is that?

  8. Love the wooden pistols. Me, too, love the colors of the dragon Teddy.

  9. I really like all the wooden pistols in the basket! 🙂

  10. Bears and Dragon, and Guns, and wacky doggy toys…….. Oh My!

    I agree with what others have said…those wooden pistols are way cool. My 12 yr old twinlings would go bonkers over them. lol!

    Great choices ALL!


  11. How old are your bears? My 24 yr old daughter still keeps her 22 year oldd teddy. It was given to her by a woman who went to Scotland and bought his handmade bear by a woman who gave all proceeds to the poor in Africa. I am glad she has sentimental values.

  12. I’ve a couple of little men who would love the wooden pistols too!

  13. Yeah, I too was hoping to see if you posted any shots of Ed’s toys. That would have been cute! Love your bears, I collect little ones.

  14. WoW! Cool Collection of Toys! 😀

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