Meet Bella

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Well I finally got my new kitty. I’ve wanted another kitty ever since we lost Sammy last Fall to the neighbors pitbull. I have been really hesitant in getting another kitty after Sammies loss, but I do love cats and miss his affection. I also feel guilty about Sammie’s demise as I’m sure it was my fault in leaving the backporch screen door unlocked. We think he got out during the night. The neighbor’s pit has already killed a couple of cats on our property so we are pretty sure this is what happened.

But, to make a long story short, we now have Bella. I would ask folks at the vet clinic, the post office, and grocery store if they knew of anyone with “domestic” kitties. While in the post office last week a lady heard me talking to the clerk (I was told she had kitties), and she immediately told us she had a litter and would gladly give us one, she’d even bring it to our house! She had a litter of six and poor mama cat was preggers again! I just don’t understand why folks don’t get their animals neutered when “free” neutering is available in our area. But then it does take time to go stand in that line to get the free spay/neuter voucher.

When Maggie Mae decided to pay us a visit yesterday she discovered a new member of the family, can you say….jealous? Maggie stayed in all afternoon and well into the night staying very close to me. I think she was afraid she was being replaced. Maggie seems happy with the kitty and wanted to play, but Bella would hiss and spit at her. It will take time. Maggie and Sammy were best buds, and I hope this will happen with Bella as well.

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9 Responses to “Meet Bella”

  1. What a little cutie! A snuggler for sure 🙂

  2. oh no, i was sad to read about your last kitty, that must have been terrible </3
    this one's really cute, mischievious looking

  3. Oh, she is sooo cute! Good for you. I’m happy you have a new friend 🙂

  4. OMG! She’s adorable!!!!! My eyes are watering and reddening just looking at the pic..:-) Just Kidding…

  5. Ed’s allergic? LOL Love the picture, Diane. She is aptly named. A very pretty kitty.

  6. seems my comment on this days ago didn’t actually work 😦
    i was sorry to read about your other kitty 😦 </3

    this one looks super cute & mischevious x

  7. bella is gorgeous, and what a sweet name for a kitty. i lost my cat november last year, i think it was the strongest heartache i’ve felt in a long time and i called her name and shook her biscuits in 5 minute intervals all through the night for weeks on end. i felt horrible getting a new cat, and for the first few months i felt like i would never love my new cat as much as henry. but now, i love her equal amounts and i tell her stories about henry 🙂 i refer to henry as her sister. it’s bittersweet and almost kind of lame but i don’t care because my cats are my life haha. i keep them indoors now because i’m so scared of having to lose them prematurely.

    what i’m trying to say here is that i know how you feel 🙂

  8. Your Bella is so cute. Now I know how you get attached to your pet. My first time to own one, we adopted 2 months ago a stray abused cat. We call ours Twylah (short for Twighlight). She used to fit in a size 7 empty shoe box, not anymore.

  9. What an adorable baby!

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