Macro Monday!

I don’t have any fancy lenses for my camera, but I did take a few interesting “close-ups” I’d like to share with ya.
Misc. 031
Misc. 034
Misc. 004
Have a great day. It’s kinda rainy here.


4 Responses to “Macro Monday!”

  1. Cool shots, too bad for the grasshpper..:-)

  2. Queen Ann’s lace, right? That was a grasshopper? I thought it was a moth…. You do just fine with your current equipment. I am not sure what equipment, Ed was going on about today, but maybe we could get him an empty paper towel tube, wouldnt that work?? Can tell I am not a professional, huh! have a good day…

  3. Queen Anne’s lace is pretty regardless. Very nice pics.

  4. looks like you don’t need a macro dianne!
    p.s i’ve added you to my blogroll x

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