Sunday Stills Challenge – Lots of Color.

Ed’s challenge stated tri-color, but after a chat with him I found I could go beyong the “tri-color” as mentioned. Ed’s challenges always makes one think a bit and I found this one to be a bit of a stumper for me as well. He is so creative!!
Misc. 025
Copy of Misc. 028
Misc. 015
Misc. 039
These shots were the best my “old” Cannon Finepix could come up with. 🙂


18 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Lots of Color.”

  1. the lolli’s look good 🙂
    this challenge was a fun one, it was much harder than i first antipated

    you’ve done a lovely job

  2. Those are great photos!

  3. I especially love the first and the last one, because they make my mouth water. Though the first a bit more than the last 😉
    Great shots.

  4. AWWW Thanks Mom! Great shots, I figured you would find something at the market saturday.. 🙂

  5. The market is a great place for lots of colour!

  6. Excellent choices! My kids loved the candy basket the best. lol!
    I like the veggie array. Great captures!


  7. OH yum! They look so wonderfully delicious. (The candy and veggies that is).

  8. I’m lovin’ those veggies….

  9. Great shot of the candy…and the jewelry is very interesting…

  10. The candies and the veggies are both wonderful shots!

  11. Very colorful! Well done! Love the veggies and the gummies!

  12. Great photos and with so many variations. You did well. The lollies have got me though LOL!

  13. I just bought some of that colorful candy at a store in Branson, Mo. last week. Sure wish I would have thought to take pictures of it 🙂
    I love those fresh vegtables, yum.

  14. Looks like the old camera takes great pictures :)!

  15. Great shots, Diane. Beautiful color. Life got in the way last week and I never did get my camera uploaded. Hope to get back on track this week.

  16. Colorful Candy! You did great! I know I am way late with my comment..getting slow:) Connie

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