Sunday Stills Challenge – Water Towers & Silos

This weeks challenge was a fun one getting out several times this week and driving the countryside looking for silos, and looking for water towers. I did come up with a few I hope you all enjoy.
Copy of Misc. 040
Copy of Misc. 032
Copy of Misc. 009
Misc. 001
Misc. 015
Misc. 006
This weeks challenge was really a lot of fun, thanks Ed. Looking forward to next week.


19 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Water Towers & Silos”

  1. Loved #5 – and it was great to get out on those country roads wasn’t it!

  2. Nice selections, mom. The old cannery watertower is my fave…:-)

  3. These are really nice. I love the texture in the second picture. The tower is textured and the photo as a whole. Very nice.

  4. You had an interesting week and captured some interesting shots! ..the triple silos are very did great:)

  5. theegggather Says:

    Girl, you really went to town – no pun intended. Great job. Looks like you really did have a lot of fun.

  6. Wow! You’ve got a lot of towers and silo’s in your area. I really like the photo of the three silo’s. Funny how they’re all different sizes.

  7. love the angle of that first shot!

  8. Wow you have a lot! You must be in farm country!
    Nice Selection~

  9. Like that second shot a lot. Nice job.

  10. Steffie Says:

    That is quite a collection! Never knew they come in all those sizes and shapes. Lovely pictures.

  11. You really made an effort to go out and meet the challenge!

    The only thing we feed our hostas is horse manure. Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Wow – you went out of your way for all these – and looks like you had beautiful weather for the drive! This turned out to be an enlightening challenge this week.

  13. Nice collection! I like the ones on stilts.

  14. The second one is very interesting, and I love the textures in the last photo!

  15. love all the different silos 🙂

  16. Great pictures – I love the angle of the first one! As for the farms of the university, they have changed so much over the years. I just hate to think about more being torn down and moved….

  17. Up close and personal. I enjoy seeing these!

  18. I like that second shot, the water tower looks old and neglected, nice shape… I just like it!

  19. # 3 is my favorite…very nice photos!

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