Sunday Stills, The “Eyes” have it.

Here are some “eyes” that have touched my heart, and I miss very much.
Copy of Ed's newest pics 080
Copy of gabby 5-15-06
Copy of Rebecca- too cute!
Copy of Bevo Boy
Copy of Maggie with her turtle
Aaaaah Mom, can’t I keep it!!
And, now something a bit different on the subject of “eyes”.
Misc. 005
Misc. 013
Misc. 018
Thanks Ed for another fun Sunday Stills Challenge.


29 Responses to “Sunday Stills, The “Eyes” have it.”

  1. Good take on the last three! Love your kitties, they look so cuddly.

  2. theegggather Says:

    Some great shots. You are very creative on your subjects.

  3. Those green cat eyes are very cool. Fun shots of the “other” eye’s as well!

  4. The kitten is adorable! I like the needle and boot eyes as well!

  5. Ha!!! I love it!!! Great take on the theme!!! Sammy though looks like he’s going to rip your face off 🙂

  6. Thats so sweet! Very nice shots! 😀 Sammy and Gabby are real cuties!!
    p.s Thats not my pet, He is a wild cat, always roams around.. I like him, he comes to me for biscuits. LoL!!

  7. LOL love your take on the different eyes!!!

  8. What a great group of eyes! Does Maggie have a real turtle in her mouth? I think I liked Gabby’s eyes the best! 🙂

  9. Wow….some very interesting kitty eyes. Rebecca’s eyes may give me nightmares tonight…

    Great captures.


  10. Now those are some cuddly kitties! Love the last photos too…didn’t even think about a needle!

  11. Gabby’s eyes are great!

  12. Great ideas on this one I was too literal! Love the cats eyes.

  13. Great post,great pics mom!!!! Love the variations of the different eyes at the end..:-)

  14. Love your offbeat take on this challenge!

  15. Great pics! Great subjects!

  16. cool! Rebecca looks “trippy”… too much catnip….lol

  17. Nice eyes…all of them!

  18. How come Sammy’s eyes are so big while the others have slitty eyes?

    I like your different eyes too, if you were my students, I would say, good job.

    Thanks for visiting my site.

  19. hi di 🙂
    thanks for your comment, yes those eyes are mine
    are all those cats yours(?) great capture of the eyes x

  20. The animals are all great but I love the creative ones at the bottom.

  21. Great job with these photos…duhhh! It did not occur to me to think outside the box.

  22. You whent all out with your eyes shot’s.
    Rebecca’s eyes are awesome!

  23. Very nice job on the theme.

  24. Not sure how I missed this the other day. Anyway, I love it, Diane. Great submission for the challenge.

  25. Well done. Good twist to it.

  26. Great Photos, but a little sad. Do you not have your animals anymore?


  27. Is that a turtle Maggie has??? She cracks me up. Nice shots.

  28. Good ones! I thought about doing a potato and didn’t get around to it. I am so glad that you did. lol
    Didn’t think of sneakers though….

  29. zulluzoe Says:

    I assume I can still comment on older challengers. I love your different take on eyes, great lateral thinking 🙂

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