Sunday Stills – Flowers and Plants

Although it is May here in East Tennessee you don’t see that many flowers in bloom. Irises and Azaleas the most, and some daffodils and phlox. I was tempted to go to the garden center at Wal-Mart to take a better variety of pictures, but remembered Ed’s experience there when he got asked to leave!!! So, here are my choices.copy-of-irises-010
And, last but not least, Greek oregano from my garden.


27 Responses to “Sunday Stills – Flowers and Plants”

  1. The yellow Iris is beautiful, mine are still in buds and no matter how much pleading they wouldn’t open for me.

  2. hi thanks for the warm welcome to sunday stills 🙂
    the colour in “copy of phlox” is lovely

  3. All gorgeous but I really like the shots of the iris.

  4. Great shots of the Irisis!!! looks like we will have plenty of oregano this summer..:-)
    Miss ya..

  5. Loved them all, but especially the purple iris…the play of light in both pictures…really, really lovely and eye catching. Good job!

  6. How interesting. We have had quite a bit flowering up here, but are just now starting to see some irises.

  7. I have to agree the iris’s are beautiful! But the rest are very pretty also.

  8. I love the full frame of pinkish/purpleish flowers in the 4th shot!

  9. Steffie Says:

    Nothing wrong with irises and azaleas. Love the blue ones.
    Nice pictures.

  10. theegggather Says:

    Loved them all. You even put “Herb” in there – good idea.

  11. They are beautiful, all of them!!!! Great pictures.

  12. I just LOVE Spring and all it’s glory! Well done!

  13. Very pretty pics!

  14. Good job Diane. Too bad we didn’t live closer and could exchange perennials.

  15. The colours are fantastic…and I love the lush oregano!! 🙂

  16. Love the purple flowers! Not too many blooming iris’ here in Champaign yet.

  17. I love that pink phlox!

  18. Lots of beautiful color around there!! My iris won’t be blooming ’til late June! Nicely done~~

  19. Very nice and specially loved the whole frame Phlox!!!

  20. All your flowers are amazing! You have way more than we do in bloom. All we have is a few wildflowers and our apple tree blossoms.
    You took some beautiful photos.

    New Mexico

  21. Very pretty iris!

  22. Hi’ I’m new to this sunday stills challenge. Your photos are really amazing. Nice colours and frames. Good work. Nice to meet you.

  23. I like the pink phlox. Our are blooming right now too. Makes me want to get more.

  24. Hey! Great photos! I especially liked the Phlox! I had to chuckle.. at your comment about ED..
    A while back at Christmas time I went into walmart, I asked if I could take photos..they said absolutely photos. So they sell ya cameras and batteries and memory cards..but don’t want anyone to take photos..seems strange to me:(

  25. Wow the phlox came out nice! Good job!

  26. Nice. I can’t believe how much blooming you have. We barely have grass right now.

  27. You have posted wonderful picture of flowers that made me bloom here for a very long time.

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