Sunday Challenge: Barns & Stuff

This is a great fun challenge. All I’ve thought about this week is finding barns and getting the right shots for this weeks challenge. Who knew this would be so much fun? Thanks Ed.
copy-of-misc-003 This is the old tobacco barn across the road from our house.
horseshoe Lucky horseshoe. I think every barn has one.
copy-of-barn-ladder I thought this was a very interesting barn ladder.
copy-of-john-c-campbell-folk-school-trip-028 See the saying in the stone?
I hope everyone had as much fun with this challenge as I did. I can’t wait to look at all the Sunday Stills entries today.


22 Responses to “Sunday Challenge: Barns & Stuff”

  1. WOW! And I thought I went all out, very nice!..:-)

  2. That was a very cool barn! Love the ladder, if you hadn’t put what it was, I wouldn’t have figured it out! And the stone. Too cool!

    I expect to see a work of art from ya! Get those paints out!

  3. Like Ed already said, wow! Lovely details though the last classical outside shot is great too. Love the way they built the fence.

  4. Way cool. I especially loved the last one with the fence, but all are terrific.

  5. that last shot could be a post card!

  6. What a great barn! I’ve never seen a barn ladder like that. Very cool!

  7. These are all wonderful detailed images. Nicely done~

  8. theegggather Says:

    All of your shots are great. I’ve never seen a ladder like that one, very interesting.

  9. They jagged fence really draws you back to the barn.
    Love it.

  10. These are great! I am so glad I don’t have to try and climb that ladder. Ours was hard enough to get up to get my pictures!

  11. Great shots! All of them.

  12. These are great pictures. I love the ladder!!

  13. Wonderful photos!! Love the saying etched in the stone!! 🙂

  14. Thanks for stopping by today and for your welcoming words! I appreciate that.

    I love all the blog candy you have today! Barns are beautiful and I love the Stuff 🙂

  15. Great pictures. Great subjects. Love the ladder. This is really fun!

  16. Nice detail and great shots. Barns definitely have their own personality.

  17. What a great series of photos! I loved the rope and pulley..and the last one is picture perfect! Excellent! 🙂

  18. Your series looks like you had fun. Though there is always something about seeing a lantern hanging in a barn…makes me quiver, just a little. And I guess that ladder is made for big feet!

  19. Rookie Sunday Stills question – I’m very sorry to bother you :-/.

    My comment on the SS site doesn’t show up. How did you see that I’d joined?

  20. WOW! Fabulous job! I LOVE all the interesting shots you got!

  21. very intriguing barn photos. I didn’t know that was a ladder!

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