Local Art Show

I just wanted to brag a bit on my DH. He is a woodturner, and has entered several of his pieces in an art show being held by our local artist group here in Monroe country, Tn. DH has been doing turnings now for about eight years and is doing some really fabulous work. We do local arts & craft shows,, as well as the Farmer’s Market in Knoxville every Spring, and the Market Square Holiday Market in December. He has his own website..tellicoturnings.com, and sells his pieces on Etsy and Artfire. Here is a picture of the three pieces he has entered in the AAMC Art Show.
I didn’t enter any of my work as I have been suffering from “painter’s block” for several months. Ed has done some photos that are inspiring me though, so I may have to whip out the paint brushes. 🙂
See ya on Sunday Stills.


5 Responses to “Local Art Show”

  1. Get with it, Dibear, if you don’t use it, you lose it…it takes a little bit to get back into the brush stroke groove.

    Beautiful work pictured above. I envy woodturners and sculptors….such amazing talent. Hope he takes Best in Show. 🙂

  2. I’ve seen his website and love all of his work, especially that bowl, it’s wonderful. I’m almost tempted to buy one of his peppermills as mind is worn out:)

  3. Wow! Chuck won Best of Show in his category for his spalted maple bowl. I’m soooo proud of him. 🙂

  4. CONGRATS!!!! To Chuck on the Best of Show win…:-)

  5. Congrats on Best of Show. I really like his work and have quickly checked out his website. There are a few things I’d like to order (if he ships to Canada). Good of you to brag!

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