Maggie Monday


Today is Maggie’s annual visit to the vet for her shots, and guess what? She’s no where in sight. 🙂 That’s my girl. We have til noon to get her to the vet’s new satellite office here in our little town. It’s only open twice a week from 8-12, and her doctor works there about once a month, so it’s a trick to get her scheduled. But taking her here saves us a 30 mile trip to the animal hospital in Sweetwater. I’m almost embarrashed to take her in as she hasn’t ever had a bath! She’s really not that dirty, but does smell a bit “wolfy”. Her nails need clipping, which I will be able to get the doc to do for us. Taking Maggie out in the car is a real experience. She has only ridden in a car about three times in her life, and she throws up every time. Not a plesant experience for either of us. We line the backseat and floor of the car with towels (to help with clean up), and she just pulls them away and proceeds to do her cookie popping on the carpet! What are ya go’in to do? Due to this situation we don’t ever take her riding in the car with us. I sure wish she’d ride better, and feel the breeze in her face as she hangs her head out the car window, like a normal dog. Oh well maybe someday. Enjoy the picture, it was taken by Ed, our portrait photographer. 🙂


5 Responses to “Maggie Monday”

  1. Sounds like quite the experience…good luck today! Our dog on the other hand, loves to go places. The ride, okay. Seeing people, the highlight of her day. She thinks going to the vet is a treat 🙂

  2. Great post and good luck, maybe if you toss treats at her she may not RALF!! LOL! Great pic that Ed sure is a talented photographer..:-)

  3. You must have mentioned that you were taking her to the vet while she was around to hear you. That’s the way it works where our Beau is concerned. He runs under the end table and behind the couch when he hears something he doesn’t like…like B-A-T-H. LOL

  4. Great pic! My yorkie always manages to throw up on the carpet. The house could be all tile and he would go to the rug!!

    The pup on my blog is a Blue Heeler cattle dog. Or Australian Cattle dog.

    Thanks for visiting!

  5. Poor Maggie! I can totally relate as I get car sick on long trips. Maybe you can find a mobile vet (like a large animal vet that does horses and cattle) that will come to your place for her annual visit. Most of them work on small animals too. That’s what we do.

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