Maggie Mae Monday


Maggie Mae is our four-legged furry child! She brings us joy everyday, and is great company, when she stays home. Living out in the country there is a great deal to explore. She has found that she likes to spend her day-light hours at our neighbors houses where there are children, and that is a definite winner over us old folks. One of these neighbors has an auto shop at the rear of his property and Maggie likes all the comings and goings up there, and is probably the offical greeter. Not to mention, the guys are spoiling her as she is constantly dragging home deer parts to chew on. YUCK!! He has a pit bull dog as well, who will remain nameless (not publishable!), who Maggie likes to play with. They also have children that Maggie likes to play with, and takes great pleasure in stealing their stuffed toys and bringing them home. One never knows what we’ll find on our porch these days, it could be something as small as a Beanie Baby, to a huge stuff bunny rabbit (as big as Maggie) or a deer leg or head!! Oh yes, she’s even brought home a head!!

After telling my daughter in Illinois about all of Maggie’s antics she suggested some toys like they got for their dog Saidee Jane. These toys were supposed to be indestructible. :):) Well Maggie received her gift package this past Friday which contained a cute “Strong Pup” and a special chew bone with peanut butter filling. Maggie was quite taken with her new goodies, and spent most of the rainy weekend playing with the pup, who is already missing an ear!!! And chewing her new bone. That peanut butter is quite a challenge for her to get to.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our Maggie Mae, and I’m sure I’ll be writing more about her in the future.

Today it is a beautiful sunny day, and Maggie is gone for the day. She’ll come home at sundown.


5 Responses to “Maggie Mae Monday”

  1. sweet.

  2. Cool story, so much for the indestructible toy…:-)

  3. Border collies are such great dogs aren’t they. Ours bring home all kinds of prizes too.

  4. Love her name. Great post. I really enjoyed reading about Maggie and look forward to seeing more about her.

  5. Awww, I love Maggie Mae!! She sounds like a real socialite!! One of our dogs brought home a deer head too one time…you never know what might happen next!

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