Sunday Stills: Landscapes

cades-cove-tn1 I took this picture at Cades Cove in the Smokies. It was a cloudy day, when suddenly the clouds parted and a ray of sunshine shone down. It was breathtaking.


20 Responses to “Sunday Stills: Landscapes”

  1. Very nice, love the way the sun is coming through the clouds. Welcome to the Sunday Stills Challenge…:-)

  2. Beautiful I love the sun.

  3. Great job! That’s just gorgeous, you must have given Ed his photo gene 😉

  4. What a wonderful shot!! Great job! 🙂

  5. You’re right; breathtaking!

  6. I want to find another word … but breathtaking is perfect.

  7. Breathtaking is a right, love the shot!

  8. It is breathtaking…heaven opening up…

  9. Beautiful….like heaven light shining on us…Ü

  10. Wow! That is gorgeous!

  11. I agree that this is breathtaking!

  12. Welcome to Sunday Stills!! I love pictures like this. I always expect to hear the trumpets play and God to speak. Not sure I’d want to hear what he has to say 😉

  13. The more photos I see of Cades Cove, the more I want to visit. Wonderful photo!

  14. wonderful shot! I love photos with this content! Welcome!

  15. A message from above? Absolutely stunning were in the right place at the right time:)

  16. Wow! The sun streaming through the clouds is fantastic.

  17. That is soo beautiful! Great job!!

  18. Very powerful.

  19. I don’t know how I missed this one last week. Beautiful landscape and the light through the clouds is almost spiritual in nature. Terrific photo.

    I love Cade’s Cove. Haven’t been there in years, though. A friend visits there often and writes me about it. Beautiful place.

  20. i wish i had been around for this challenge! would have been awsome 🙂

    the sunrays in this photo are beautiful, i really love when that happens and i’m driving home, really makes every stress from the day disappear

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