Collecting Compost

Spring is fast approaching and it is time for us to prepare our garden for planting.  This past Fall while attending a state BBQ cook-off we entered our names for free compost from Monterey Mushroom.  They had a sample booth at the cook-off with to die for portabella mushrooms grilled and served as fajitas.  I don’t know how many trips I made to the booth that day for samples, but I know it was several.  While making these foraging trips to their booth I put my name, as well as my hubby’s name in for a drawing for a load of free mushroom compost…pure gold to a gardener.  We were suprised when we received calls telling us our names were drawn, and we had two loads available to us.

Mushroom compost is the old soil that the mushrooms are gown in, and tossed when the mushrooms are harvested.  Monterey Mushrooms sells this compost in many different forms, to commercial farmers, and individual gardeners like us.  Well we chose today to go collect our first load in our little Ranger pick-up (Oh, to have a bigger truck we could have gotten a larger load!).  It was about an hour and a half drive through the hills from our house to Loudon, Tn. to the plant location.  Upon arrival we discover that we are not the only ones wanting this wonderous compost!!  We sat in a line of pick-ups, cars pulling trailers, and larger commercial 23′ dump trucks, for about an hour.  The odor coming from the several sludge ponds adjacent to the compost hills was enough to knock your socks off!  I wasn’t sure I was going to make it or not.  Well, we finally got loaded up, and on our way out of the plant we stopped at the guard shack to turn in our pass, and while there we picked up a large bag of mushrooms for only $4.00.  What a steal!!  My hubby doesn’t care for mushrooms, so poor me, I’ll have to consume them all myself.  YUM!!! 

When we got back home DH had to spread the compost. Since I am recouping from a recent hip replacement surgery I wasn’t able to get out there with a shovel and help with the spreading.   DH made me a new rose bed in the sunnier part of the yard, and then he transplanted my roses to  the new bed.  After that he put the remaining compost into our compost pile to amend it.  Needless to say he came in to dinner exhausted.

Lucky for us we still have another free load to pick-up, and luckily for DH there is rain in the forecast until next week. 🙂  This second load will be used in our 20′ x 40′ veggie garden.

Until next time…..


One Response to “Collecting Compost”

  1. Don’t ya just LOOOOOVE sludge ponds…. 🙂 Enjoy your shrooms.

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