How We Got Here

I thought you all might like to know how our retirement began here in East Tennessee.  It all started when we made a trip to Cleveland, Tn. to visit our daughter and family who had recently moved there from Texas.  We lived in Texas as well, just North of Houston in Humble, Tx.  When we arrived in Tennessee we were just taken in by all the beauty.  We were so used to the flatlands of the Gulf coast this was a wonderous change.  After our second trip to visit the kids we decided this might be the place we could retire to.  We took some day trips around the area and on one of our explorations North of Cleveland, we were driving down Hwy 68 when all of a sudden this vista appeared before our eyes.  A row of hill tops (they call them “knobs” around here), that just drew us in.  We came upon a small community named Tellico Plains, and  we knew that this was the place we wanted to be.  So beautiful, so calm and peaceful.  Such a complete turn around from the bustling metropolis of Houston.  It was winter, and there weren’t even leaves on the trees, and we still fell in love with the area.  We didn’t even know of all the wonderful sights there was to see in the area at the time.  It was the Christmas holidays, and we weren’t seriously looking at the time, so we went back to Houston, and began watching on a local realtor’s website for property.  Well to make a long story short, after about four fast trips to Tellico Plains we finally found our retirement home.  We didn’t want to lose it so we decided to go ahead and buy the property even though we weren’t quite ready to make the big move yet.  Finally, three years later we took the big step, retired from our jobs and made the move, with the help of our son Ed.  We have now been here for three and a half years, and love it more every day.  I’ll write more about the Ellis Homestead in future posts.


3 Responses to “How We Got Here”

  1. Lovely story! Can’t wait to hear more! I live in a suburb south of Houston (I met Ed at the zoo randomly a few months back) and I know we dream of a lovely retirement place, too!

  2. Very nice… 🙂

  3. My husband and I are making that kind of a move too. We are getting out of central Alberta and moving to the beautiful Creston Valley in B.C. This winter with over 4 months of stupid cold was enough to get us looking elsewhere, so we picked the milder agricultural area of southern B.C. Look forward to seeing pictures of your area!

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