Flower Friday

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Misc. 138I do not know the name of this pretty blossom. They grow on fairly large bushes. Anybody out there know what they are?

Wordless Wednesday

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Misc. 129

Macro Monday

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These Wooly catepillars are all over the place these days.  I think there is an Old Wive’s Tale about catepillars and how severe of a winter we will have??  I did hear one that tells us that the number of foggy mornings in the month of August predicts the number of days of snow we will have this winter….we had 13!  Four were very heavy!!  Heard this from our local weathergal.

Misc. 148

We are having our coldest morning so far this Fall…it’s 37 degrees!  Have a nice week ya’ll.

Sunday Stills Challenge – Shorelines

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Here are some “shorelines” in East Tennessee……..

Copy of 100_0596

Rocky shoreline of the Tellico river.

Copy of Misc 022Shoreline of Indian Boundary Lake, Cherokee Nat’l. Forest

Copy of Ft. Loudoun 009

Tellico Lake, Ft. Loudoun State Park

Copy of Misc 071

Hiawasee river, SE Tennessee

Now I’m off to see other “shorelines” from all around the world.   Have a nice week. :)

Sunday Stills Challenge – Landscapes

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When I think of the subject “Landscapes” I have to say I live in the middle of a beautiful “Landscape”!  EastTennessee is truely a beautful part of our country.  We love it no matter what season it is.  We are fast approaching one of the most beauiful times of the year here with the Fall color, although we need about two more weeks to reach peak color.  We are lucky to live in the foothills of the Appalacian mountain chain, about 50 miles from the Great Smoky Mountains.

This was a very busy week for us so I selected “landscape” shots from my archieves.

Copy of Meadow at Belltown Road and Hwy 360This is the view at the end of our road.

Copy of Garrett RdA nearby country road.

Copy of From Skyway VIA view from the Cherohala Skyway, a road from our town of Tellico Plains, Tn. over the mountains to Robbinsville, N.C.  A trek of about 60 miles.

Copy of Ft. Loudoun 002View from Ft.Loudon State Park.

Copy of Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mts. 05-24-06A view of Cades Cove, a part of the Great Smoky Mts. park.

Copy of SmokiesA view of the Great Smoky Mts.

Copy of Misc 074Just a beautiful waterway.

Have a beautiful weekend. :)

Macro Monday

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Misc. 131

Sunday Stills Challenge – Birds

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Since Ed hasn’t been home in awhile our bird seed feed bin is empty!  So I haven’t lured any birds close enough to the house to photograph. :)  I do have lots of archieve pictures so that is what I’ll be sharing for this challenge.

Copy of Baby BirdsNest of baby Swallows.

Copy of Misc. 001Young Gold Finch, still doesn’t have all of it’s yellow feathers.

Copy of Misc 011 - CopyDowney Woodpecker.

Copy of Bill Morris' Chickens IA friend’s beautiful flock of chickens.

New Pictures 004Flamingos at the Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas.

New Pictures 015Crane at The Flamingo.

New Pictures 050Ibis at The Flamingo.

Misc. 133Meet Snowey the Cockatoo, she was visitin the Farmer’s Market yesterday.

So, that’s my “birds” for this week’s challenge.  I’m hoping Ed will make it home this week to help us celebrate my 70th birthday! :)


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